Wednesday, November 26, 2008

News from - IT park site getting ready


Few lines from the news:
"Nearly eight months after its notification as a Special Economic Zone (SEZ), the Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu (ELCOT) has commenced levelling work on the alienated site of 147 acres (of which 123 acres is SEZ) at Navalpattu for establishing the IT Park.

After the process of levelling and fencing is completed, the next step will be to hand over 10 acres each to Sutherland Global Services and Cognizant Technology Solutions, the first phase allottees.

Simultaneously, tenders will be invited for the laying of internal roads and creation of amenities under public-private partnership mode. During this week, the Government would decide on the allotment to be made to applicants in the second phase, official sources said. "

The ELCOT, it is learnt, is pinning hopes on the district administration for relaying the 120-feet-road that links the IT Park with the Tiruchi-Pudukottai Highway, and is also confident that the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board, which has been provided five acres to establish a sub-station, will complete its task simultaneously.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Opposition to IT Park space cleanup by Local Burma colony people


Around 100 Local Burma colony people opposed the IT Park space cleanup work. According to source above, the 68 acres of land provided to them by the Tamil Nadu Govt in 1966 has been used by them for agricultural purposes. A court case has been registered to stop their land from being procured for IT construction purposes. More details in Tamil on the link above.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

For real or just an echo ?

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Skyrocketting land price appriciation in and around Navalpattu


We all know that a figure of 3 crore per acre is very well exagerrated, however, it is considerable to notice the level of appreciation the land price has received in the last 1 year in particular. With airport expansion, buzzing IT hype, BHEL expansion, infrastructure potential like ring road and 4 lane, expanding University,
growing population, increased affordability etc, it is common sense that the land prices will be on the rise. Unlike countries like US, the history of India has proven that this price movement is one directional...but with the recent unorganic increases, a downward movement could soon be a reality in the Indian realty market.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Potential IT Park Foundation stone to be laid next month

Talk from the Streets

As we may remember, CM visited 'Kalaignar Arivalayam' under construction in June (as in link

There is a good chance CM will inaugurate ‘Kalaignar Arivalayam’ next month and if that happens, there is a high chance that IT Park foundation stone will be laid as a part of his visit as well.

Supplementing from Dinamalar news below.

Friday, July 18, 2008

ELCOT to build 50,000 sq.ft. of office space in Tier II cities

Source :

More optimism.

ELCOT has sought another 120 acres of land for the IT Park in addition to the 165 acres allotted at Navalpattu in the city. “We have planned to acquire lands contiguous to the existing site,” he said. ELCOT would launch a human resources campaign, Empower IT, in Madurai, Tiruchi and Salem between October and December. The two-day campaign in each city was aimed at helping IT companies tap the local human resource potential and giving an exposure to the students.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

NASSCOM's study: ‘Location roadmap for IT- BPO growth: Assessment of 50 leading cities


As per NASSCOM, Trichy comes as a CHALLENGER and very close to Coimbatore in terms of Attractiveness. The parameters to measure the competency of these cities were
Knowledge pool and skill-set availability
Social and Living environment
Enabling business environment
Government support
Operating cost

In general, with growing offshore work and increasing pool of graduates from college, the entire Tamil Nadu is poised to boom. The upcoming nuclear deal can only enhance the macroeconomic appetite. Trichy, sure will be a front runner in these developments.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Tiruchi IT park booked by BPOs

Source :

UCHI: The entire 147 acres of the Tiruchi IT park at Navalpattu have been booked by business process outsourcing and IT companies.

Two front-ranking companies expected to start their operations here are Sutherland Global Services and Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS). The rest are smaller companies.
Land handover

Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu (ELCOT) is already into the process of handing over land for Sutherland and has earmarked land for CTS.

The ELCOT would begin with providing land to ‘anchor companies’ in order to ensure that the allotted land is utilised strictly for the purpose. The ELCOT Board has empowered Managing Director C. Umashankar to execute the process.

Having readied a plan to construct 50,000 square feet of builtup space by itself in the first phase, the ELCOT envisages subsequent construction of two million square feet of builtup space in a 50-acre area in the IT park under a joint venture with a private entity.

The IT park has already been accorded the status of a Special Economic Zone, said Mr. Umashankar.
Internal roads

The ELCOT Board has also approved the proposal for construction of internal roads at a cost of Rs. 25 crore.
Compound wall

An estimate for construction of a compound wall for the IT park has also been made, said Mr. Umashankar adding that the ELCOT eagerly looks forward to takeover by the Highways department of the 100-feet link road for creation of an expressway from the IT park to the Tiruchi-Pudukkottai Highway.

Maintenance of the over six kilometre road that was laid by the Tamil Nadu Housing Board is undertaken by the panchayats of Navalpattu and Gundur

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Talk from the area

KK estates (Website: been promoting the area through different project initiatives including selling of plots. The average rate/sq ft ranges from Rs 160-190. While it obvious that land sale in acre is not expected at this time, the bargain rate seems to be Rs 35 lakh per acre.

Though the question seems to be "When are we going to see the real work begin?", there is growing activity and buzz. For those who have no control on decision making, time is the answer.

Friday, January 25, 2008

More focus on IT Park based on Dinamalar news - (Jan 24, 2008)

In addition to the news below, there was a message from one of this blog's reader that ELCOT officials visited Navalpattu last week to discuss road and other facility construction. There is a hope that action will kick off soon.

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