Thursday, December 27, 2007

Navalpattu likely to come under Trichy Corporation

Per Hindu magazine today (, Navalpattu along with Panayakurichi, Keezha Mullaikudi, Kuvalakudi, Agaram, Cholamadevi, Gundur, Chozhanganallur, Nachikurichi, Keezhakurichi, Kambarasampettai and Malliampathu are to be brought under the Corporation.

The villages are now under the Tiruverambur, Manikandam and Andhanallur unions. The population of these villages range from a minimum of about 2,293 (Kuvalakudi) to 30,000 (Agaram).

Once the merger is through, the Tiruchi Corporation land area would increase to 223.23 square kilometres from 146.90 The population (as per the 1991 census) would increase to 8.60 lakh from 7.52 lakh. The council resolution would be forwarded to the government for follow-up action.

Friday, December 7, 2007

More good news - SEZ notification for IT Park soon

As stated in Hindu

As stated in Dinamalar

Highlights of the news as stated by the above link. The good news is that work might begin as early as Feb or March 2008

The 147-acre site was inspected by Union Commerce Ministry Development Commissioner of B. Vijayan recently. The inspection was to rule out the presence of residential areas, places of worship, public thoroughfares or agricultural land in the site. Following the notification that would pave way for appointment of Customs officials for the IT Park, the Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu (ELCOT) would undertake authorised operation.

The ELCOT, which has prepared the park layout, has placed it before its Board for approval. Road and infrastructure works would be undertaken in a 50-acre expanse on the park premises, ELCOT Managing Director C. Umashankar said.

Works in the 50-acre area as well as construction of the one million square feet built-up space would be undertaken through a Special Purpose Vehicle Joint Venture that the ELCOT would have with a private partner.

Cognizant Technology Solutions and Sutherlands Global Services have been allotted 10 acres each in the IT Park

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Navalpattu IT Park - Would you prefer this location ?

While there are questions as to when Software companies really start operating at Navalpattu, how would this influence your decision to move to Tiruchy, assuming you are working in a different city or you are potential software employee.

The poll to the right is to save time to voice your opinion and feel free to supplement with details in the comment section of this post.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Metro train to Airport - A nice dream

A huge bottleneck faced by big airports like Chennai, Bangalore is not just limited to the capacity of handling flights. With growing population, the accessibility to reach the airports has been the pressing issue. Irrespective of witnessing all these, one can safely bet that Tiruchy will be no exception. If there is enough initiative and careful planning channeled through Tiruchy Mayor, Ministers and top echelons, places like Navalpattu and University side can have state of art transport networks including metro rails and non-stop skyway connection to airports.

The reason for the above post is a direct reaction to the news below

In addition, the time and money spent due to increasing transport demand for native Tiruchians to cities like Bangalore can be directed to increase Tiruchy's economy and outlook. Needless to say one can be close to home.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Additional 100 acres for IT Park on the plan

Source :

Highlights of the news:

The government was taking steps for employment generation. An IT park would soon come up in Tiruchi. An additional 100 acres more would be acquired for the park, for which about 135 acres had been provided.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

IT Park work to begin in Jan 2008 - Land approved for Cognizant, Sutherlands

Source :
URL source for the material contained here :

The layout for the Tiruchi IT park is ready. Sutherlands and Cognizant Technology Solutions will be given 10 acres each.

As per Umashankar, Managing Director, ELCOT, at SMExpressions 2007,
"Any place with good flight connectivity is an attractive IT destination, he said, emphasising that the flight timings should be such that executives of IT companies from major cities must be able to visit Tiruchi and return within a day. IT industries require engineers of all branches in large numbers and the onus was on the educational institutions to increase their intake. He advocated soft skills training for students right at the school level. Once the IT industries set foot, there would be all-round development, he said, terming Tier II cities such as Tiruchi as ‘sleeping giants’."

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Being last might be better as well - Though last, still the latest :)

One could, naturally, sense an air of extended patience turning into discomfort since nothing has materialized yet on the IT Front in our area. Though Tiruchy has been constantly quoted and reminded as an IT destination, other cities like Madurai, Tirunelveli have an early start based on the developments going on there. While we tend to debate why things are still stale at Navalpattu, it could be blessing in disguise for the following reasons

1) With Tiruchy airport being selected to get a World class airport facelift, as stated by the link here, the area in and around the airport could get better with infrastructure before IT companies mark their footsteps. This could easily attract top IT companies adding huge value than other cities.

2) BHEL has been expanding at an increasing pace. It would make sense to take one thing at a time rather than leading the place to a chaotic development.

3) Navalpattu can learn lessons from other cities and can make decisions in a smart way, be it infrastructure to legal loopholes to town planning etc.

Net-net, though Navalpattu might start late, the potential in it is way higher and poised to cruise at a higher controlled speed than other places. Some of the same reasons that make us wonder 'Still, why has it not happened here yet ?' is the hidden fuel that are just waiting for a spark.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

How is real estate doing at Navalpattu ?

Though there is not much sign of 'the very expected' IT companies at Navalpattu, realtors are operating at full speed. Typical land prices are between Rs 150 - 200 per sq ft near the 100 feet road. The closer to the road, the higher the price. There are already signs of the price increase spreading its wing to nearby Mathur area as well. With multiple roads to be constructed around the University, this could be a good long term investment.

The improving Railway, Road and Airport connections along with Tiruchy's central location will make it an attractive and unavoidable location for doing business. Strong universities like Anna, BIM, Bharadhidhasan add appetite to the IT companies. Though the famous question has been 'When' not 'If', however, the drive and enthusiam is temporarily dormant.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Suggestions to Improve this Forum ?

Improvement to this site is succumbed to your responses; Good or Bad, bring it on !!

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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Chief Minister expected to inaugurate IT Park within a month

Hope blossoms as the news - Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi expected to inaugurate IT Park during his visit this month end- unveils on the Hindu magazine.

Click here for the news as stated by Hindu News

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Navalpattu - Map

Navalpattu demographically meets the needs of the day today for IT Business establishments.

Distance from Airport - Approx 4 Kms
Distance from University - Less than 5 Kms
Distance from Trichy - Approx 12 Kms

With location being a natural gift to this town, it would be nice to see how the Government and citizens transition this town into a city with ample greenery, planned street layouts with cleanliness maintaining the current peacefulness. With a increased focus on fast paced developments, it is easy to slip on these basics. However, the timing is also a gift in that Navalpattu has learnt valuable lessons from cities like Bangalore, Chennai etc.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Navalpattu - A Wikimapia Look

Location of Navalpattu as shown by Wikimapia.
The picture can be zoomed in/out. The one with the '+' in the rectangle is our location of interest.