Saturday, October 13, 2007

How is real estate doing at Navalpattu ?

Though there is not much sign of 'the very expected' IT companies at Navalpattu, realtors are operating at full speed. Typical land prices are between Rs 150 - 200 per sq ft near the 100 feet road. The closer to the road, the higher the price. There are already signs of the price increase spreading its wing to nearby Mathur area as well. With multiple roads to be constructed around the University, this could be a good long term investment.

The improving Railway, Road and Airport connections along with Tiruchy's central location will make it an attractive and unavoidable location for doing business. Strong universities like Anna, BIM, Bharadhidhasan add appetite to the IT companies. Though the famous question has been 'When' not 'If', however, the drive and enthusiam is temporarily dormant.

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