Sunday, October 14, 2007

Being last might be better as well - Though last, still the latest :)

One could, naturally, sense an air of extended patience turning into discomfort since nothing has materialized yet on the IT Front in our area. Though Tiruchy has been constantly quoted and reminded as an IT destination, other cities like Madurai, Tirunelveli have an early start based on the developments going on there. While we tend to debate why things are still stale at Navalpattu, it could be blessing in disguise for the following reasons

1) With Tiruchy airport being selected to get a World class airport facelift, as stated by the link here, the area in and around the airport could get better with infrastructure before IT companies mark their footsteps. This could easily attract top IT companies adding huge value than other cities.

2) BHEL has been expanding at an increasing pace. It would make sense to take one thing at a time rather than leading the place to a chaotic development.

3) Navalpattu can learn lessons from other cities and can make decisions in a smart way, be it infrastructure to legal loopholes to town planning etc.

Net-net, though Navalpattu might start late, the potential in it is way higher and poised to cruise at a higher controlled speed than other places. Some of the same reasons that make us wonder 'Still, why has it not happened here yet ?' is the hidden fuel that are just waiting for a spark.

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  1. Navalpattu is near airport,already has developed surrounding areas, has 100 ft road

    Though there is potential, what would be the reason for the delay?