Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Metro train to Airport - A nice dream

A huge bottleneck faced by big airports like Chennai, Bangalore is not just limited to the capacity of handling flights. With growing population, the accessibility to reach the airports has been the pressing issue. Irrespective of witnessing all these, one can safely bet that Tiruchy will be no exception. If there is enough initiative and careful planning channeled through Tiruchy Mayor, Ministers and top echelons, places like Navalpattu and University side can have state of art transport networks including metro rails and non-stop skyway connection to airports.

The reason for the above post is a direct reaction to the news below

In addition, the time and money spent due to increasing transport demand for native Tiruchians to cities like Bangalore can be directed to increase Tiruchy's economy and outlook. Needless to say one can be close to home.

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