Thursday, November 22, 2007

Navalpattu IT Park - Would you prefer this location ?

While there are questions as to when Software companies really start operating at Navalpattu, how would this influence your decision to move to Tiruchy, assuming you are working in a different city or you are potential software employee.

The poll to the right is to save time to voice your opinion and feel free to supplement with details in the comment section of this post.


  1. I am currently working in Bangalore.I would love to see a company come to Trichy so that I don't have to commute once in a month.

  2. Any idea when IT park work is really begining?

  3. It's absolutely significant, apart fom IT companies, Trichy is very well positioned geographically, with all major infrastructural activities currently in progress,would definetely is of any businessman dream, in attracting various industrial, tourism, entertainment etc activities.

    Hence, would only fear of bad politicizing by the politicians themselves, which may distract businesses out of Trichy.

  4. Navalpattu is a Jinx.
    Earlier the KAP Medical college was proposed is here, but never happend.Then Tamilnadu housing board build houses here, that too was a failure as no body occupied them.

    Now IT Park is proposed here.Except for Trichy, foundation was laid for IT parks in other cities.Though many big companies have shown interest, so far none of them have come forward to take land in Navalpattu.

    Will IT park break the jinx???

  5. I have some properties in keela mullaikudi, What do you think? Is it time to sell OR hold on? These are agricultural land.

  6. Don't sell anything yet unless you really need cash.Hold for another 6 months.You can make more money