Thursday, August 25, 2011

Local news - Four lane work from BHEL to Pudukottai Road

Recently, there was a news regarding BHEL, where the company had planned to improve logistics through improved road, train and leveraging port facilities. As a start to that goal, there seems to be work going on in laying a 4 way road connecting BHEL to Pudukottai road. This work, according to a local reporter, is going in full swing. There is a good chance this could form a part of the so called Ring road (Speculation at this point !! ).

If anyone has any picture or additional news on this, feel free to share.


  1. Ring road will start from Thuvakkudi to Mathur. Where does it connect BHEL?

  2. You are right. It is from Thuvakkudi to Mathur, not BHEL