Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Support from Cethar Vessles Chairman

It is good to hear that high profile Tiruchians like K. Subburaj, Chairman, Cethar Limited are showing outward support to achieve IT sector prominence in Trichy. More voices from other influential high level echelons is essential to drive the need point and gain traction. (Though it shouldn't have to be this difficult)


The call made by Tiruchi District Tiny and Small Scale Industries' Association (TIDITSSIA) for making Tiruchi the second capital of the State has struck a chord with the industrial community.

Since Chief Minister Jayalalithaa represents Srirangam constituency, a secretariat bench functioning as the CM's camp office will hold a higher significance, the association president S. Sridharan said. Attributes of an international airport, vantage location and presence of quality educational institutions qualify Tiruchi for the status of second capital, he explained.

While there is no dearth of blue collared jobs, thanks to the presence of BHEL, the two ordnance factories, Golden Rock workshop, Cethar Limited, and other industries, a push to the IT sector will create opportunities for white collared jobs, according to the industrial community.

“Once the Chief Minister invites top IT players to start operations from Tiruchi, other developments will fall in place,” said K. Subburaj, Chairman, Cethar Limited.
Source: The Hindu

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